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Furthering A Just, Fair and Equitable Pinellas County

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What Can Be Done to Increase Racial Equity?

Policy Change

Eliminate public policies that create barriers and develop policies that can improve equity.

Narrative Change

Modify the language, images and cognitive cues that form the conventional understanding of poverty and race, shifting from blaming individuals to a deeper understanding of the systemic barriers that created the inequities.

Institutional Practice Change

Eliminate day-to-day decision making in public and private institutions that generate racially biased outcomes.

The Equity Dividend

$3.6 billion

The estimated increase in economic output if there were no racial gaps in income. (Equity Profile of Pinellas County)

Aside from the deep desire we hold as citizens for justice and fairness, equity has been identified as the superior economic model. The Pinellas County economy would be $3.6 billion larger if there were no racial gaps in income.