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COVID-19 Case, Hospitalization and Death Rates: State of Florida and Pinellas Counties as of June 18, 2020

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Written by: Stephanie Z. Reed, PhD, MPH

The data in the following graphs represent rates of COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths by race/ethnicity for each group that the data are collected for. Data used to calculate rates are publicly available from the Florida Department of Health County and State Reports which are published daily, and the CensusQuickFacts 2019 Population Estimates published by the U.S. Census Bureau. The Florida Department of Health categorizes race as Black, White, and Other. Other race includes any person with race of American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, or other. Rates for Hispanic ethnicity are combined across all racial groups in these graphs. All rate ratios are calculated with white as the reference group. Death rates are published for Florida only, as death counts by race/ethnicity for Pinellas counties remain small, and therefore, rates are unreliable.